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Pietro Ghizzardi
The sea and a beautiful woman to kiss

Opening: Wednesday November 10, 2021 at 6:30 pm
On view: On view November 11, 2021 – January 28, 2022

Curated by Davide Macchiarini

After Pietro Ghizzardi’s exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum in New York, we are honored to present the work of this peasant painter in a solo show in Milan curated by Davide Macchiarini and to add only a small piece to his growing fortune against the backdrop of the low Po Valley. We imagine him hiding – he so shy and reserved – behind one of the powerful canvases on display and winking with his toothless smile at the fame he has finally achieved. And well deserved. Ghizzardi reports on the recovered cartoons, painted on both sides, the hard work of the peasant. His colors look like of earth, of chewed herbs, flowers and crumbling bricks. Few essential tones on which the black of soot and coal prevails, a raw sign that furrows the faces and outlines the bodies. The portraits on display highlight glances and passions, hidden pains and irony: that female universe by which Pietrone is so attracted and rejected at the same time. “His” women look at us with intense and deep eyes, always wide open that remain inside even when you stop looking at them. Expressionist by instinct, Ghizzardi’s painting upsets any classic concept of beauty but expresses an unconscious emotional feeling that gives the work a particular vitality. Marginalized by the society that is being industrialized, Ghizzardi remains tied to the land that provides him with the elements for his painting. He finds in art self-affirmation and a reason for existing. His work is of memory as it can also be seen from his autobiography “Mi richordo anchora” with notes by Cesare Zavattini which won the Viareggio prize in 1977. Is it perhaps less current today for this reason? The artist Ghizzardi succeeds in a perfect synthesis, making a creative connection between once upon a time and the present.

Pietro Ghizzardi

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