Martino Fiorattini

Martino Fiorattini was born in Casteldidone (a small town between Cremona and Mantua) in 1928. He dies in Casalmaggiore (Cremona) in 1997. A mild yet sociable character, Martino, as everybody referes to him in the village, was born in a farmer’s family, the only of three children who does not emigrate. For no reason after he was fifty years old, he starts to paint in spite of the whole town considering it to be rather odd. Now he is on his own path of self-taught artist, and he will keep painting unrelentlessly until the end of his days. He is married with Francesca Delvò but he picks up the brush seriously only in the beginning of the 80’s when his three children are growing old (Maurilio, born in 1955; Paola, in 1957; Angela, ’62). Martino does not sell his paintings, he works just following an interior need. He tells his pieces, sometimes giving those to friends as a gift.

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