Franca Settembrini

Franca Settembrini was born in 1947 in Florence.
She has been hospitalized into Florentine psychiatric hospital at 11 years old.
Since 1976 she has been frequenting the art laboratory La Tinaia, painting with a lot of energy but in a discontinued way. She stops painting in 1986 when she moves out of Florence. In 1991 she enters into Castiglione delle Stiviere judicial psychiatric hospital for a small theft. There she goes back painting attending the artistic atelier for five years. Then she goes back to Florence and again to La Tinaia. Franca pictures her feminine universe of little girls and singers, young longhaired women with penetrating eyes and long and sharp fingers.
There are also shining suns, very colored birds, angels, brides with veil and diadems. She dies in 2003.
Art Brut great protagonist, Franca Settembrini is present in many public European collections.

1998 Bruxelles – Art en Marge – Solo show
2006 Bergamo – Palazzo della Ragione – “Oltre la ragione” – Group exhibit
2015 Milano – Maroncelli 12 Gallery – “Furtive and wild like a dear. Masterpieces of Italian Irregular Art”

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