Egidio Cuniberti

Egidio Cuniberti was born in Mondovì, Cuneo, in 1928. At a very young age, he began working as a foundry worker in Turin. At 24 he was hospitalized with a brain injury, perhaps the result of a fall on a bicycle. He underwent an emergency operation for cerebral hemorrhage that left a history of migraine, epilepsy and insomnia. We must wait until 1971 to see the dawn of his extraordinary and original artistic adventure. In those years he began to pick up ice cream sticks and other waste material in the street: he assembled them to make sculptures, furniture and paintings. In thirty years using the wood of ice creams sticks and fruit crates, and colored plastic spoons, he built about 130 pieces of furniture (some of which exceed two meters) decorated with mythological scenes and bucolic images; silhouettes of young women with bouquets of flowers; paintings depicting views of his native town, Mondovì. In 2002 his health got worse and his sister took care of him until his death in 2006.

Selected collections:
Collection abcd, Paris
Treger/Saint Silvestre Collection, São da Madeira
Casa dell’Art Brut, Casteggio (Pavia)

Selected exhibitions:
“La meravigliosa complicazione/The wonderful complication”, solo show, Galleria San Giovanni, Bra (Cuneo), 2012
“Egidio Cuniberti. The sticks of Mondovì”, solo show, Maroncelli 12 gallery, Milano, 2019

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