Curzio Di Giovanni

Curzio di Giovanni (1957) was originally from Lodi, fourty chilometers far from Milan. For a long time he displayed a propensity for drawing. Since he began attending the painting atelier Adriano e Michele (San Colombano al Lambro, Milan), in 2001, he has been working on a vast body of graphic pieces. His drawings are inspired by photographic reproductions of animals and characters, of which he retains the elements that seem important to him.
He executes his compositions with a well-defined line, compartmentalising shapes according to the mosaic principle, then colouring them with coloured pencils. This results in deformation of the facial features and certain parts of the body. The compositions stand out against the support, the ground of which invariably remains blank, and are characterised by the principle of distortion. Some of his work are in the Collection de l’Art Brut di Lausanne.

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