Carlo Zinelli

Carlo Zinelli was born at San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona) in 1916. He was only two years old when his mother died. When he was nine, his father, a carpenter, sent him to work on a farm. Carlo later became a butcher’s apprentice at the municipal abattoirs in Verona. During this time he began to engage in art. During the Second World War he enlisted in an alpine chasseurs platoon.
After having served for two months as a volunteer in Spanish Civil War, he was sent home due to poor health. He started to have psychological problem.
Between 1941 and 1947, he spent both time in psychiatric wards and at work. Then he was admitted to the San Giacomo psychiatric hospital in Verona. He initially did drawings on the floor and created scratched pictures on the walls. In 1957 he was accepted into the graphic design studio founded by Michael Noble. Here, until the hospital closing in 1969, he produced almost 3000 pictures, mainly gouaches with works on both sides, consisting of silhouettes of stylized people and animals.
He died in 1974. One of the first artist in the Jean Dubuffet collection, his pictures can be viewed in many international private and public collections.

Carlo Zinelli, Untitled, 1966, (recto/verso), tempera on paper, 27.5×19.6 in., #384 Catalogue

Carlo Zinelli, Untitled, 1960, (recto/verso), tempera on paper, 27.5×19.6 in.

Carlo Zinelli, Untitled, 1967, (recto/verso), tempera on paper, 27.5×19.6 in.

Carlo Zinelli, Untitled, 1968, (recto/verso), tempera on paper, #770 Catalogue

Carlo Zinelli, Untitled, 1968-69 (recto/verso), tempera on paper, #777 Catalogue

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